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Employers liability insurance

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Employers liability insurance

Employers liability insurance

If you have any employees or labour only sub-contractors then UK legislation states that you must have an employers liability policy in place with an indemnity limit no lower than £5,000,000 although most insurers offer a level of £10,000,000 as standard. We provide online an online quote system for those who wish to obtain a quotation from several different insurance companies at once rather than having to approach each insurer directly, this willl obviously save you alot of time.

What is employers liability insurance?

Employers liability insurance provides cover against any liability claims your employee makes against you for an injury they receive whilst working under your direction, for example if you were a painter and decorating company and you supplied your staff with ladders which turned out to be faulty which led to them injurying themselves then they may hold you liable.

What is the difference between employers and public liability?

Public liability provides cover for property damage or injury you cause to a member of the public during the course of your occupation, obviously this can be just as crucial as employers liability and usually insurers will not allow you to have an employers policy without liability insurance to be included.

Employers liability insurance quote

Employers working We understand that running a busy is not easy and searching around online for the best liability quote may not seem like the most appealing of prospects. For this reason we have dedicated ourselves to providing an extremely comprehensive quotation system which will actually check many different insurers for you and see how much each one is able to provide the policy for, ultimately meaning you pay a low premium without having to spend hours searching around yourself. For the protection of our clients we only ever provide cover from a well known insurer which is authorised and regulated.

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